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Matsyafed, the organization which has proved to be the lifeline of poor fisher folk in the State, is diversifying its activities by exploring the tourism potential of the organization. Matsyafed entered the field of Aqua Tourism in Narakkal, Vypeen, Kochi, Kerala,  where it has brackish Water Fish Farms, each 20 hectares wide with a 6 hectare culture pond in each Farm utilized for irs projects. Apart from the Matsyafed Aqua Tourism Centre, Narakkal is now also setting up a Matsyafed Milky Way in Malipuram with access to the mangrove forest and beach nearby.

The Matsyafed Aqua Tourism Centre in Narakkal offers boating, facilities for spending a day relaxing on hammocks or beaches in the bunds or islands, a meal with fish curry, fish fry and fish pickles and a cup of ice cream for only Rs.100/- The one day package starts from 10 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. Youngster can avail of a junior pack for Rs 75/- and a  campus pack for Rs 25/- The Scheme has been a success attracting over 11,000 visitors since it was started last year.Kerala Taxi

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