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The Kidangoor Subramanya Swamy Temple is situated 10 kilometres south east of Ettumanoor in Kottayam District. It is believed that the idol of Subramanya Swami came out of the ‘Kamandulu’ or pot carried by Maharshi Gauna when it tilted and the water flowed out. Along with the flow of the water, the vigraha was carried away to the Vishnukshetra in Kidangur.

Inside the temple where a new Sree Kovil was built for Lord Vishnu, the temple officials felt the presence of Subramanya Swami and so they kept the Subramanya Vigraha there instead of Vishnu. So along with the Vishnu Vigraha on the northern side the Subramanya vigraha was also consecrated in the new Sree Kovil.

Koothambalam -Bharata Muni’s concept of Natya Shastra is evident in the sculptural work inside the Kuthambalam. So this is different from all other Kuthambalams of various temples of Kerala. It is believed that the Kuthambalam was constructed by Perunthachan. The scenes from Ramayana and mahabharatha are beautifully sculptured.


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