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Kerala Tourism and Role of  Kerala People

Kerala people with open hand hospitality is the unique feature of Kerala travel.  Kerala people play  a crucial role in helping Kerala tourism to gain a strong footing in the tourism market.  Kerala tour is a chance to mingle with the local people and to know the culture.   Kerala, God’s own country, a land of  peace and harmony, a place where the visitor can experience everything that is refreshing. God’s own country represents the true authenticity of Kerala life, the friendliness, hospitality and welcoming smile that come from the heart of Kerala people.

Smile and warm traditional hospitality of Kerala people are the most outstanding attractions in Kerala . They are always ready to welcome guests and willing to lend a helping hand for a visitor in need.

Kerala people realized that Kerala tourism industry is a  key driver of social and economic development, so actively participate to uphold Kerala’s image as friendly and secure state. They work hard for the aspirations and vision of Kerala tourism industry.

Kerala home  stay, in particular, is one of the state’s  flagships for local community-based tourism development. Those who are staying at home stay are treated like a member of the host  family.  Kerala people  promote  traditions, culture, local cuisine and local community lifestyle in each region of Kerala. They respect guests and  their religion. Kerala people’s exceptional contribution to promote the state as one of the most safest  travel destinations in the world is appreciable. It is an immense pleasure to see  efforts by both Kerala tourism and  Kerala people have gained international recognition and that paves the way to position Kerala  as  truly a “God’s own country” in the world tourism map.Kerala Taxi

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