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Kerala Food and Kerala tourism are inter related. Traditional Kerala cuisine and warm hospitality coupled with mouthwatering food menu forms the perfect ingredient to produce a positive image to tourists coming to Kerala.  This has enhanced Kerala tourism and inflow of tourists to Kerala, as Kerala food satisfied them, in turn repeat visitation, and the likelihood of recommendation to friends and family also increased. The cultivation of many types of rice, spices, vegetables and fruit, coupled with past foreign influences, ensures that Kerala travel will be an enjoyable experience with Kerala food which is as diverse as Kerala itself.

Kerala is becoming known for its fantastic and ethnically diverse food.  Kerala’s traditional culinary powerhouse is internationally reputed and an attraction for most passionate eaters. There are many food outlets in the city which provide the traveler with excellent cooking.  Even gourmet cuisine in Kerala is extremely inexpensive. The food in Kerala is delicious and is available at a very reasonable price to the tourist so that they could fully enjoy the mouth watering traditional recipes of the region.

It is in Kerala the Westerners probably tasted for the first time typical Kerala fare like puttu and appam.  At the same time ,Kerala’s top restaurants cooking up a storm of specialties to tantalise the taste buds of food lovers. Kerala serves genuine western food cooked by trained chefs  to accommodate the tastes of western tourists.

Tourists and traders introduced a lot of exotic foodstuffs like dates, asafetida, liquorice and poppy seeds from Muscat, fenugreek from Surat, coffee and sugar from Macao and so on.  Kerala’s old records of maritime trade would unfold tales of an untold revolution in Kerala’s kitchen.Kerala Taxi

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