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Aruvikachal Waterfalls, situated at a walk able distance from  Pattampuzha junction in Thekkekara Village at Kottayam District, is one of the highest waterfalls in Kerala. Flowing down from an altitude of 235 feet, the falls are located on the periphery of Western Ghats.  The monsoon is the best time to visit the falls.

The areas around Aruvikachal are surrounded by many lesser known scenic spots.  There is the 3,500 feet high Muthukora Mala, which is located near the falls. The Muthukora Mala is major trekking spot in the vicinity and by climbing the hill you can reach Kootichal. Other exciting and wonderful tre routes include Muttanallu, Pilliyallu, and Ummikunnu.

A famous spot near Aruvikachal Waterfalls in Adivaram or the base from where one can go to Kurisumala. There is an ancient circular church at Adivaram, which has been designed by the renowned architect, the late Mr. Lauri Baker. There is an ancient Stone Age site dating back over 4,800 years at Kunnoni, near Poonjar. The famous Poonjar palace is located only 7 km away from Aruvikachal.

This area is also is famous for its traditional honey collection activities. Nearly 40 families in the Panchayat are engaged in honey collection and 30 families are engaged in the craft of making honey jars from coconut shells, making Patampuzha a honey village. You can easily reach the Aruvikachal Falls from Patampuzha Junction by the Pala- Erattupetta-Poonjar-Mundakkayam Road. The tourist centre of Vagamon is located only 25 km from the falls. You can also take the Patampuzha-Mundakkayam to Thekkady.

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